Some things you may not know, some things you wouldn’t think to ask, and some things that surprise us both.

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I heard the way you quickly changed the subject when Valentine’s Day came up.

I saw how you wiggled out of your partner’s embrace the moment I walked in the door.

I noticed that you don’t bring up your marriage issues around me anymore.

Divorce creates a surprising number of…

Through some work, some play, and some intentional exercises, you can find relief from what upsets you most. Here’s how.

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PTSD is a lot more common than we think. We used to think post-traumatic stress was limited to soldiers, natural disaster survivors, and people who survived sexual assault. But more studies than ever show the long-term effects of trauma that happened to us when we were kids, which could include:

There are many “normal” ways to respond to stress. All of them have examples in the Animal Kingdom.

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In child psychiatrist Bruce Perry’s landmark book on trauma and healing, The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, he describes the case of Amber, an unconscious teenage girl whose doctors did everything they could think to do to revive her. She had no heart problems, no abnormal toxicology screens…

Writing down what I wanted in a partner made me feel safe. Until I learned safety wasn’t the point.

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Three years ago I spent a week holed up alone in a rented San Francisco apartment, weeping and bleeding through my jeans. The bleeding was a reaction to a failed intrauterine device. The weeping was a reaction to a failed relationship.

I’d been dating a musician for ten months, but…

A better question than “Why doesn’t she just leave?” is “Where could she go?”

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Maid, a new Netflix series based on Stephanie Land’s 2019 memoir, is the story of a young woman who escapes an emotionally abusive relationship. But what awaits her is not freedom or agency — it’s a web of family drama, housing insecurity, and systems intended to alleviate poverty but only…

Courtney Christine

Storyteller, social worker, solo parent. Fan of triads & alliteration. Believer that you’re doing your best, given what’s happened to you. FB @courtneycwrites

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